Transferring Your Reservation

Transferring your reservation is a super easy way to use my planning services even if you already booked your vacation on your own.  Your reservation qualifies if you booked your trip in the last 30 days and did not pay in full.  If your reservation doesn’t qualify, you’ve got two options: you can cancel what you currently have booked and rebook it with me (start that process here) or you can take advantage of my Disney Consulting Calls to have a point of contact for your questions!

If your reservation qualifies for a transfer, download the transfer form below and fill it out with your reservation information.  You’ll then need to sign it- this needs to be a wet signature.  You have a few options for this- either print it out and sign it, then take a picture of the form or scan it in and send it over to me at abby@friendlikemetravel.com.  If you’re completing the form on your phone, you should be able to draw a signature with your finger.  The same goes for your computer- you can draw it with your mouse!  Basically, the only thing it can’t be is typed to look like a signature.  If you have any questions about that, don’t hesitate to ask!  Once you email the form to me, you need to select your planning services to the right.  I cannot send the transfer form off to Disney until you do so!

Select Your Planning Services Here:

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