The Booking Process

If you've never worked with a travel agent before, it can be confusing to try to figure out what happens when you do!  Even if you have used a travel agent, each person does things a little differently, so there's certainly a lot to look at when you're working with someone new.  Below, I'm outlining what the typical booking process looks like for booking a vacation with me! 

  1. We will perfect and finalize your quote!  Once you receive the initial set from me, feel free to request any changes that you'd like to see.  I'm also happy to schedule a brief phone call to discuss your options, which can be especially helpful if you're not sure which options are the best for your family!
  2. You'll then fill out customer registration form,  which will give me all of the details that I need to book your vacation!  (Think things like full names and dates of birth, mobility concerns and dietary restrictions, that sort of thing!)
  3. You'll then receive a deposit form and a client service agreement that ensures you understand the terms of booking your vacation with me.  When you fill the deposit form out, it just gives me the information that I need to give to the vendor.  The payments made towards your package will always show as the vendor.  The only charges that will show as coming from me will be if you decide to upgrade your planning services!
  4. Once I get all that paperwork back, I'll go in and book your reservation!  If you need a few days to get the deposit together, I can also put a three day hold on your requested package.  I will also send an invoice via PayPal at this time for any upgraded services you selected.
  5. I will forward you your reservation confirmation and receipt for the payment once I receive it from Disney. These can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours to come to me depending on how busy Disney is with new bookings!  The confirmation comes first, then the payment receipt usually comes awhile later!
  6. Using the confirmation number in the emails, you can then link the reservation in My Disney Experience and book your park reservations.  Note that no matter which planning services you choose, Disney has prohibited travel agents from booking those reservations for you!  There's a waiver stating you agree to follow all of their rules (mostly pertaining to COVID) and they will not allow us to agree to those terms on your behalf.
  7. Now the fun begins! You'll receive periodic updates from me regarding updates around the parks, when it's time to do things for your reservation, and more!

Congratulations!  You've booked your next Disney vacation!
(or Universal Studios Vacation!)

I try to make it as easy for my guests as it possibly can be to ensure you have the vacation of your dreams- that's why so much of what I offer is customizable to the way you'd like to plan.  If you want to be super hands-on, that's great!  I love working with people who want to chat about their vacation often.  So much of what I enjoy about my job is any excuse to talk about what's going on with my favorite travel destinations and talk about how we can make your trip better!  I also absolutely love wowing my guests with custom itineraries that I'm able to put together after just a quick phone call to discuss what you're hoping to gain from your vacation, which is why I offer the premium and concierge services that I do (which you can learn about here!)  You will never feel alone when you plan a trip with me- I will do everything that I can do to make sure you have all of the information you need to feel well-prepared and in control while still truly enjoying your vacation with your family!

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