Frequently Asked Questions

Do I NEED a Travel Agent? 
Travel agents are one of the best-kept secrets when you're planning a vacation!  You can certainly plan a trip without using one, but you're going to put a lot of time, effort, and research into your plans if you book without an agent.  It's my job to take care of every detail of your vacation so that you can enjoy your trip instead of stressing about the planning process, the deadlines,  the changes to destinations, and all of that!  Disney is constantly changing its policies, adding new attractions and other offerings, and taking things in and out of operation for refurbishment.  Keeping up with all of those changes is a full-time job in itself!  It's also really difficult to plan a trip in which you get everything that you'd like to get done accomplished in a limited amount of time.  I can help you maximize every moment of your vacation and make sure you have realistic expectations for what you'll have time to see and do!  You'll never get through everything in one trip- you'll just have to come back one day!

Does it cost more money to book through you? 
Your package price when you book a trip through me is never a penny more than when you book directly with a vendor (like purchasing your vacation on the Disney or Universal website).  The vendors build the cost of travel agent compensation into ALL of their packages whether you use an agent or not.  By using a travel agent like me, you gain access to insider knowledge, exclusive tips and tricks, an advocate when things go wrong, and so much more.  The only thing that will cost extra is if you decide to use my more intense planning services.

Why do you charge for your planning services?  Don't people do those things for free?
They sure do.  Keep in mind that I DO offer free planning services as well, they just aren't as involved as what my paying guests receive.  Over the years, I've learned that when travel agents offer full services for free, they usually fall into one of two categories.  The first one is new agents who haven't established a steady base of clients and are looking to appeal to a wider array of people.  The second category is the agents of what I like to call mega-agencies.  These are high-volume agencies that work with thousands of families each year.  This means that you're competing with a whole lot of people for the attention of your agent.  For some families, that works for them and they are more than happy to work with those agents, which is totally fine!  I personally choose to cater to the families who want a more personal touch from an agent with many years of experience.  I take on a smaller client load and ensure that I don't have too many clients overlapping dates so that my attention is yours and I can dedicate plenty of time to you and your family.  In order to do that and still make a living, I charge for my more intensive planning services.  If you prefer to work with something that does not charge a planning fee, I would be happy to refer you to one of my agents who would be happy to assist you!

What kinds of services do you provide for clients?  
My services are completely customizable!  I can do a lot of different things for you depending on how involved you want to be in your planning process.  The less you want to do, the more I can do on your behalf!    For all clients, I manage their booking which includes their hotel stay, park tickets, Memory Maker purchase, and dining plan (once those become available again!)  After that, it's up to you how involved you want me to be!  In the past, I have helped with dining and Fastpass reservations, planned private tours, put together minute-to-minute itineraries, arranged transportation to and from the airport as well as around, coordinated the plans of multiple families traveling together, but staying apart, planned excursions to other theme parks, and much, much more!  I'm also open to helping you in any way you feel that you need assistance!


Can I use your services without booking through you?
At this time, I offer planning consultation calls that anyone can take advantage of.  These are paid calls that allow you to ask any questions you have and allow me to offer you suggestions to improve your vacation!  You can check those out here!  

How far in advance do I need to book my trip?
It's never too late to book- I've personally planned trips just a few days in advance.  However, in order to maximize your time and make sure we can plan for all of the things that you'd like to do, I recommend booking about 7 months in advance.  This gives us plenty of time to work out how to work all of your wishes into your vacation!  This is especially important if you want to work any character or specialty dining into your trip!

Can I get a quote from you without booking through you? 
There's no legal obligation to book through me after receiving a quote.  However, I ask that you only fill out a quote request form if you intend to book your vacation with me.  This is because Disney (and other vendors) do not compensate us for the time that it takes to quote people who don't end up booking through us.  A great deal of time and attention also goes into preparing your quote.  I take the time to put together packages that are perfect for your family with the understanding that we're going to be spending the next several months working together to plan the perfect trip.  When I prepare quotes for people who are just using me for my recommendations to then go book with the supplier directly or another agent, it takes away time from those who've seen the value in working with me.  If you intend to book with another source, please get your quotes from them as well!

When should I take my trip? 
This question is a really hard one to answer!  It really depends on YOU and your family.  Everyone has different priorities and favorite things and throughout the year, Disney offers lots of different special events that cater to different people!  I am happy to chat with you to help you decide on dates or the best time of year for your family to travel!

Do you book trips to other places or just Disney? 
Walt Disney World makes up the bulk of my business.  It's certainly what I'm known for since it's someplace I frequent!  However, I book all Disney Destinations as well as Universal Studios- you can find all of those quote request forms on my “Featured Destinations” page.  If you'd like to go somewhere else, please email me at abby@friendlikemetravel.com to discuss your plans!  

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